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  • Ball Lock Liquid Disconnect(Liquid)

    Ball Lock Liquid Disconnect(Liquid)

    Beer out fitting for ball lock cornelius kegs


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  • Ball Lock Quick Disconnect gas(Grey)

    Ball Lock Quick Disconnect gas(Grey)

    Gas in fitting for ball lock corney kegs


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  • Beer Hose 5mm 1 metre

    Beer Hose 5mm 1 metre

    Beer Hose 5mm


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  • Brewferm Minikeg System

    Brewferm Minikeg System

    Are you tired of filling bottles or are you planning to have a party, choose a mini keg! Put your beer in a keg, add 3g of sugar/liter and let the beer ferment in a warm place. Then place the keg in a cool environment. After just a few days, you can tap your beer for consumption. The CO2 pressure gives your beer a beautiful head. There is never any contact with the outside air so your beer is preserved for at least a couple of weeks.

    • Content: 3 mini kegs 5 liter (reusable), beer tap, 10 CO2 cartridges 16g and with clear instructions.


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  • Brewmaster Beer Line Cleaner

    Brewmaster Beer Line Cleaner

    500 ml

    Steriliser, sediment cleaner for all beer lines and kegs.Approved by all major breweries.

    ANZFSA 38 Approved



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  • CO2 Regulator Twin Gauge

    CO2 Regulator Twin Gauge

    Controls high pressure CO2 gas. For use with 19L kegs.


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  • Copper Tun Kegging Kit

    Copper Tun Kegging Kit

    A keg kit to carbonate your beer – Includes 2 x Recon corny kegs, dual guage regulator,hand gun,beer hose,quick disconnects


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  • Picnic Tap

    Picnic Tap

    Perfect for the Cornelius Keg system


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  • Sodastream Cylinder Adaptor

    Sodastream Cylinder Adaptor

    Adaptor for sodastream cylinder to CO2 regulator


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  • T Piece Brass

    T Piece Brass

    T Piece Brass 6mm


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