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  • FastFerment™



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  • Fermenter Set (30 litre)

    Fermenter Set (30 litre)

    Includes Airlock, temperature strip and tap, ideal for beer, wine and spirits.


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  • Filter Pads Crystalbrite 6’s

    Filter Pads Crystalbrite 6’s


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  • Gervin GV1 Wine Yeast

    Gervin GV1 Wine Yeast


    General Purpose


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  • Gervin GV10 Wine Yeast

    Gervin GV10 Wine Yeast

    High alcohol


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  • Gervin GV2 Wine Yeast

    Gervin GV2 Wine Yeast

    Saccharomyces Cerevisiae –  Ideal for full bodied, full flavoured dry and sweet white wines.
    BV7 will both preserve and enhance the grape variety and terroir, promoting excellent flavour complexity, good wine structure and balance but especially FULL AROMATIC FLAVOUR.  To appreciate the impact of BV7, split a chardonnay must, fermenting half with CL23 and the remainder with BV7 – you will be amazed at the impact of the yeast strain upon fruit concentration.

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    Quick start


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  • Gervin GV3 Wine Yeast

    Gervin GV3 Wine Yeast

    Sparklings wines


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  • Glass Jar 23 litre

    Glass Jar 23 litre

    23 litre Glass Jar for fermenting beer or wine


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  • Glass trial jar 100ml

    Glass trial jar 100ml

    Glass Jar for use with hydrometer


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  • Heater pad

    Heater pad

    Wooden heat pad 30W ideal for increasing fermentation temperature


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  • Hedgerow Winemaking Kit

    Hedgerow Winemaking Kit


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  • Kwik Clear Finings

    Kwik Clear Finings

    Sufficient to treat 75 to 135 litres


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